So the Sporting News did a survey of 111 NFL players and asked them who is the most over rated player in the league the results weren't all that surprising considering who you are asking. Tim Tebow finished 1st with 22 votes. Now who rates tebow high that he would be over rated? Tony Romo finished 2nd with 21 votes sand that seems to me to be accurate but down on the list 2 goofballs rated Darrelle Revis as the most over rated. Who are these 2? Expose yourself as the haters you are! Not only is Revis not over rated he is UNDER RATED. he is better then Deion Sanders ever was as a corner because he tackles,Deion wouldn't and couldn't tackle a fly. His cover skills are better then anyone in the NFL right now. teams that challenge him are the fool just ask the Buffalo Bills or the Miami Porpisses

Let this be a final lesson-This is why players should not get to vote on MVP,Hall of Fame,All Stars or frankly dog catcher. they don't take it seriously and they are emotionally involved. Darrelle Revis over rated? Yeah and next thing you will be selling me is that the New England Patriots-excuse me the New England Reputations are going to the playoffs. Not Happening!

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