Charles Woodson did it and it worked glowingly well. Should Darrelle Revis be the next star corner to eventually make the move to safety?

New York Jets v Oakland Raiders
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"It’s really a good point," said SNY Jets analyst Mike Westhoff, to "Armen and Levack" on 104.5 The Team. "It's a really good point.

"I think it’s a possibility because Revis is a heck of a tackler. He can tackle from safety and he’d be an incredible center fielder.

"I won’t say it’s out of the realm, I still think there’s a lot of corner left for him to play. That move in the future? Could be! He could be playing when he’s forty if he did that."

Revis is only 30 years old but it's been evident multiple times this year when he has not been able to close on the ball as quickly as he has in the past.

Currently out with a concussion, Revis is expected to miss his second game in a row this weekend against the Giants.

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