Well the wait is over for Mets fans: Jose Reyes is going to be activated for tonight's game against the Marlins. He'll take the place of David Wright on the 40-man roster as Wright was transferred to the 60-day disabled list.

The decision to bring up Reyes is a multi-layered one.

1) Reyes was just 6-34 in his time in the minors, so is he ready to contribute to a team with World Series aspirations?

2) He was suspended for 52 games for a domestic violence incident, does he even deserve a second chance to play?

3) How do Met fans react? Undoubtedly, fans love Reyes from his tenure with the club, but does it make fans feel "dirty" to root for a guy like Reyes now, given his character issues?

To answer all that and more, we brought in Tim Heiman, broadcaster for the Binghamton Mets, where Reyes just spent time rehabbing.

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