With former Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III set to be released in the coming weeks, the former 2nd-overall pick will certainly be an interesting addition to a number of NFL teams with quarterback questions. But what teams might show interest?

Houston Texans:

The Houston Texans would be the prime landing spot for Griffin III. Head coach Bill O'Brien is exactly what a player of Griffin's caliber needs. He needs to learn the pro style offense, plain and simple. His style of quarterbacking does not fit the NFL game. He's not the size of Cam Newton or Russell Wilson. By joining the Texans, Griffin will be able to learn under one of the best offensive minds in today's game, perhaps being able to pick up the ability of identifying and reading a defense. He's not a pocket passer and his style of play is too dangerous for his physique. O'Brien just might be the guy that can give Griffin another life in the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys:

This would quite possibly be the most interesting move should it happen. Should it occur, one of the most polarizing players would be on the biggest team; not an ideal combination after what happened in Washington. Should Griffin go to Dallas, he would obviously be behind Tony Romo which would give him a mentor who knows how to read a defense and make the play that's in front of him. But is griffin willing to be a back-up when he can start in a number of other places?

L.A. Rams:

For the Rams, this would be a great business move, but for RGIII, this could easily be where his career comes to an end. The turmoil surrounding this team is real. Jeff Fisher, somehow, still has a job after another losing season with the Rams. With the big move to L.A. looming, the team would love to make a splash and gain that much needed national publicity that they really didn't have in St. Louis. Should Griffin consider them, he would immediately become a starter, which we would all figure is what he wants.

Other teams that could possibly land Griffin include the San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, and Cleveland Browns.

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