The New York Giants offensive lineman sounded off on the state of NFL coaching and the work ethic of players in the league in a sit down with Pete Prisco of CBS Sports.

"There isn't much teaching going on at all. It's kind of sink or swim," Richburg said at an offensive line performance center in which he was a guest.

"They try and put you in a cookie-cutter. ... You have to be coachable and respect what they say. But ultimately you're the one out there on Sunday. You have to do what you are trained to do," he said.

Richburg has developed into an above average center as he enters his third season with the Giants.

"The majority of my offensive line is not doing anything right now. ... I know a lot of guys are just happy to be there. That's the difference between them and the guys who are here."

Do you believe Richburg's comments are correct about the state of NFL players and coaches?