Incognito or Martin?  Who would you rather have on your team?

There was a time when the preference for Incognito was nearly unanimous.  "He's the NFL player, he didn't break the code, he's not a snitch, he's not mentally weak, he's the one I'd rather have on my team," too many fans would say.

But then the saga played on and Incognito's sexual assault of a golf course volunteer became public knowledge. And text messages were released revealing his preference for drugs and prostitutes.  And then he professed his love for Martin on Twitter.  Then he tweeted his hatred for the man.  Then he announced to the world that Jonathan Martin had considered suicide.  Then the quit Twitter.  Then, four days later, he rejoined Twitter.  Then he fired his agent.  Then he re-hired his agent.

How many, I wonder, still think he's not mentally weak, that he's an NFL player, that he's the one they'd rather have on their team?

How many just think that he's a crazy man whom everyone - not just NFL teams - should avoid?