This beautiful mountain house will transport you to Europe... or maybe the set of Game of Thrones. 

The Mohonk Mountain House, located in the Hudson Valley, is the perfect road trip destination for Capital Region-ites this summer.

I first discovered this scenic retreat when my sister had an orientation hosted there before she started school at SUNY New Paltz. This hidden gem offers incredible rock climbing (featuring the 'Lemon Squeeze' which won't be kind to claustrophobic people), kayaking and canoeing, hiking trails, and breathtaking foliage.

Forget the natural beauty of the area surrounding Mohonk -- just the look of this place is enough of a view.

The resort also offers spa & wellness services like yoga and meditation, special events like live music, art festivals, and way more.

I dare you to visit this place and not  become obsessed with it, because I think that might just be impossible.

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