Well, it's happening:

My reactions:

1. Rex is setting himself up for total and complete failure here. Those who already hate Rex will use this as an opportunity to totally mock the Bills and both of the Ryan's.

2. Rob Ryan got fired in New Orleans as the Defensive Coordinator this year. He was fired in Dallas before that. He hasn't had a good track record lately, so do the Bills really need a questionable coach joining their staff?

3. I've defended Rex on a lot of things. Maybe this will be a move that keeps him motivated personally and gives him just added incentive to help take the Bills to the next level.

4. I don't know. It's making the Bills relevant in the offseason, and that's got to be a good thing for a franchise that hasn't been to the playoffs in....forever...right?

The Bills finished this season at 8-8 and eliminated the Jets from the playoffs on the final day of the regular season.