Officials at the National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester have announced the inductees for the Class of 2021. This is very exciting and quite an honor for each but I have an issue with these "toys". I don't even think these 3 choices are toys! Prove me wrong!

I'll give you this one. The American Girl Doll is now in the Hall of Fame and that makes sense to me. With over 30 million dolls sold since 1986 it would be tough to argue that toy's success. According to, the next selection is the board game "Risk". A game is not a toy. Even this one I would let slide but not this next one.

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The third toy inducted into the Hall of Fame this year is sand. Yes, sand, the stuff that gets stuck in our bathing suit at the beach. Heck it IS the beach but it is not a toy. Have you ever asked for sand for Christmas or your birthday? Have your kids ever put sand on their holiday wish list?

Dear Santa, I have been a good kid all year. I made my bed every day and I have good grades in school. My one Christmas wish is for...sand. - Nobody Ever

There isn't one kid in the history of kids that asked this question "did you get sand for Christmas"? Sand doesn't come in a box and it doesn't have parts to assemble. There are no rules to playing "sand". It's just sand. Don't get me wrong, I love sand as a chair at the ocean but it's not a toy.

When I was a kid I loved toys, real toys! I loved the Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle, Stretch Armstrong and G.I. Joe action figures! These are classic toys that guys my age love to reminisce about and toys that belong in the National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester.

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