The other day I was having a very casual conversation with my buddy, Rodger Wyland, after we finished another edition of the "Big Board Sports" show.

He was telling me that he was excited to go work out at UAlbany after he left the station, so much so that he was going to put "two big plates" on the bench press. The "big plates" he was referring to are 45-lb. weights. I assumed he meant two plates total, one on each side, which would equal 135 lbs. (the bar is 45 lbs). I was wrong. My soon-to-be 55-year-old radio partner was saying that he was going to put "two plates" on each side...which would equal 225 lbs. I thought, "surely he must be mistaken."

I gave a little pushback for clarity, and he assured me that throwing up 225 lbs. was no big deal. "Two plates, Zachary!" Sure enough, we have video evidence.

Rodger Wyland, who was born on the heels of the Eisenhower administration, is actively tossing around serious weight. I'll be damned. Check out the proof below.