Watching and listening to the hyper reaction to  Roger Clemens return to baseball yesterday made me pity those who treated his 3+ inning outing in the Independent League with reverence and respect. Listening and watching the media report on this event as if some great moment  made me ill.

Amazing how Clemens use of steroids was an after thought in the media's hysteria of the return of the 50 year old cheater's return to the mound against a team of never was's and never will be's.  Yankee broadcaster Suzanne Waldman probably got a thrill up her leg again

Clemens return should be seen for what it was. A-he wants to get back to the big leagues thus putting off his hall of fame eligibility  for 5 more years where he hopes his steroid use will be forgiven and forgotten. Clemens ample ego can't handle being turned down by hall voters. B- Clemens thinks he can prove to whatever voters out there that would vote for the cheat that he can indeed get people out without using PED's. Yeah like striking out Joey no name will change anyone's mind. C- Perhaps the cheat I call bottle rocket (Not his given nickname of the rocket) needs to get back to the bigs for the paycheck. It is very expensive having the best lawyers defend you when the inept justice department of Eric Holder is trying to put you behind bars. d-a combination of all the above.

What I do know is that major league baseball, which by the way has no over sight into the independent leagues will be shamed if Clemens entices some stupid team ( See his hometown Astros) to allow him back into the big leagues. I wrote a column earlier this week saying Bud Selig should now institute a life time ban for a 1st time offender.

Clemens like all steroid cheats is an embarrassment  to the  history of the game and all those that competed clean and didn't use performance enhancing drugs to fatten their stats and their paychecks. Clemens like all steroid cheats is a liar.. He lied to the game, the fans, the teams he played for, and he lied to all those great players that played clean.

The fact that Clemens 3 and 1/3rd of shut out ball  were treated by the media as some sort of amazing feat just shows how far the media have fallen in this country. Would the same joke media treat let's say a graduating class of high school seniors that all cheated on their final exams with such reverence? Knowing the media they probably would.

Not to get on any soap box but the media being in the wag the tail mode has led this country down a path of if you ain't cheating you ain't trying mentality. Degradation and sleaze are treated with respect while hard work and honesty are treated like an after thought.

We are where we are as a society and micro analyzing in baseball because we are told we should accept and understand. Where sympathy for the guilty are treated as equals with the honest. I don't care if it is Baseball, any sport, politics, or just life in general...The lines blurring right and wrong are just that-blurred!

Clemens return to the Skeeters should not have been met with "hard core analysis" of his mechanics, his velocity, or his stats. Rather it should have been treated with disgust that a gutless cheater, a disgrace to sport, and a dirt bag  were even allowed to pitch again in organized baseball.

No Clemens  'return" should have merited no coverage save for a 10 second read. Instead the clowns at ESPN thought enough to televise the game on ESPN classic. What no poker games to cover ESPN? Not 1 talking head I saw or heard showed any disgust with a steroid cheat making a fool of the game and themselves. No instead they rejoiced as if some great moment in Baseball history had just taken place.

It was no great moment, just the continued sad commentary about society today and the sports media in general!