Just over a week ago, we reported on a wild fight that had broken out during a Venezuelan Winter League Baseball. After hitting a home run, hitter Carlos Castro had flipped his bat high into the air, a common celebration that can also be interpreted as "showboating" by the opposing team.

MLB veteran and ex-New York Met Asdrubal Cabrera sure thought so, and took matters into his own hands. Well, his forearms, more specifically.

Come to find out, Carlos Castro's actions weren't a one-time thing; he's notorious for hitting home runs, and letting everyone in the ballpark know how cool he thinks he is for hitting them.

We got the inside scoop from a former New York Met on what he saw, and the amazin' way that he chose to handle it.

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Ex-Met Nelson Figueroa Tells Exclusive Story About Besting a Showboat Player

On Wednesday, November 30th, Charlie Voelker and I were joined by former New York Mets' pitcher, Nelson Figueroa, on The Drive with Charlie and Dan. Before breaking down the many headlines surrounding MLB Free Agency, we caught up with "Nelly" a bit, and asked about the conclusion of his season with the Staten Island FerryHawks, a team for which he serves as a coach.

Being the jokester that I am, I made an off-hand comment about Figueroa pitching in a game, something he had been forced to do earlier in the season. To our surprise, Figueroa confirmed that he had pitched in another game at the end of the season, as a bit of a ceremonial gesture by the team.

Boston Red Sox v New York Mets
Figueroa with the Mets in 2009 / Getty Images

He then told us something that caught us both off-guard: he had faced Carlos Castro, the player who had just been in the fight with Asdrubal Cabrera, that we talked about last week. Castro hit a home run, as he seems to do somewhat often, and did something very similar to what Cabrera got mad about.

This story, however, goes in a much different direction.

Here's the rest of the hilarious story about him, Castro, and how he handled a similar showboat celebration, as told on The Drive:

How awesome is that? Castro had pulled the same stunt on Figueroa, hitting a home run, and "pimping" it for all to see. Instead of going after Castro and starting a fight, he simply told Castro that he'd be happy to sign an autograph for him, and roll it back to his dugout.

That is an INCREDIBLE move by a former MLB pitcher, and one that seemed to go over much better than this did:

Look, I still maintain that there is room in baseball for celebrations. I don't have a problem with players doing something after they hit big home runs, and therefore, the principal behind what Carlos Castro does so often, doesn't bother me that much.

That being said, if you're making a huge deal out of a home run in independent baseball, in the final inning of the final game of the season, off of a former MLB pitcher whose actual job is to coach the other pitchers, then that's where I have a bit of an issue.

Credit to Nelson Figueroa for being so cool under pressure, and handling an immature player like it's just another day at the ballpark.

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