Giants defensive back Antrel Rolle is a leader within his locker room (not to mention, the second highest paid player on the team next to Eli). He enjoys talking to the media.


The only problem with Rolle is that he doesn't know when to be quiet. Ever. In every situation.

In the same quotes, Rolle will have you pumping your first at the beginning and face palming at the end.

Exhibit A) On Wednesday, Antrel Rolle went on WFAN in New York and in response to the Jonathan Martin - Richie Incognito on-goings in Miami, said the following:

"Was Richie Incognito wrong? Absolutely. But I think [Martin] was just more to blame as Richie because he allowed it to happen. You're a grown ass man. You need to stand up for yourself."

AUDIO: Rolle on WFAN



Ok, you can stop now. You can't assure anything. You have no
idea what happened. You weren't there.

"People will do what you allow them to do" just washed out your entire statement from the beginning saying that you take back that Martin didn't let it happen.

You just put your foot in your Antrel mouth. Again.

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