You have to go back nearly 30 years to find a winning streak in RPI men's basketball history more impressive than what this current group of Engineers has going. As the weekend arrived, so did an opportunity to match and pass the program record of 18 consecutive wins.

RPI's streak of 17 straight victories, going into Saturday's game against Vassar College, was the longest since 1991. And the Engineers have done it most recently with a long stretch on the road. Saturday afternoon was RPI's first home game since January 21.

With the weight of history seemingly present in the first half, RPI struggled and trailed by eleven points at halftime. The Engineers managed only 22 points before the break, but they turned 180 degrees in the second half.

RPI emerged from the locker room looking like a team ready to take its place in the school's history book.

Colonie native Patrick Mahoney led all scorers with 27 points and Stillwater grad Mitchel Wayand added nine points as the Engineers stormed back to turn that eleven point deficit to a twelve point win over Vassar, 61-49.

The current 18-game winning streak is now tied for the longest in program history with a chance on Sunday to set the all-time record. RPI will host Ithaca at 2pm on Sunday.

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