This is unbelievable.  People get knocked over like bowling pins by a runaway cart following the state title game at Cowboys Stadium.


How crazy is this?  An unmanned cart simply plowed over a group of people following the Texas 5A Division II football championship game.  Spring (Texas) Dekaney was able to beat Cibolo (Texas) Steele 34-14.  Winning head coach, Willie Amendola (who was basically the 5-pin), was being interviewed at midfield when the cart hit him.  Amendola landed in the passenger seat before jumping out of the runaway cart.

Can you imagine Bill Belichick doing an interview at midfield after a New England Patriots' game when a runaway cart clobbers him?  This video is completely crazy.

There were no major injuries suffered.  One man was taken to the hospital with a leg injury.  The other bowling pins (I mean people) where checked out by emergency workers on the field as a precaution.  No one knows for sure how the runaway cart started in motion.  However, stadium workers started cleaning up following the game.  There are some pylons that happen to be stacked on top of the accelerator.  That might be the explanation.  Note to self; don't stack stuff on accelerators.

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