It is that time of year again where we have local high school football teams making runs to the Dome for a state championship.  We currently have two teams remaining Fonda-Fultonville and Stillwater.  They are both very good teams and are really well coached and you have to like their chances with the momentum they have.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in the Times Union:

Two schools that have never been to the JMA Wireless Dome to play for a New York State Title will get that opportunity on Saturday. Fonda-Fultonville and Stillwater in Class C and D will take their shots against Waverly and Tioga. The Warriors have their hands full against the two-time defending champions, but Stillwater will bring the toughness that has won them a-lot of games over the past couple of years and it goes a long way for head coach Ian Godfrey. The Braves are led by Freshmen quarterback Keegan Croucher whose been impressive for second year head coach Mike Mancini. Should be a fun week of hype leading up the 12 Noon and 6pm kickoffs in Syracuse.

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High School football team huddles around the QB
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While the opponents are tough on paper I along with the entire Capital Region will be rooting for them as they continue to play in the month of December.  I love seeing the smaller schools succeed too because their fanbase and passion is so loud it is truly so great to see.  Best of luck to both Fonda and Stillwater and I hope they both win.

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