When you take a look at all 16 teams in the NBA Playoffs, the position seeing the greatest amount of injuries is point guard - Rajon Rondo has been out the last few months, Stephen Curry has had ankle issues on and off the entire season, and Steve Nash is dealing with multiple ailments as he plays through the pain. And now, you can add Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder to that list.

In a stunning revelation, it was announced by the team that Westbrook will undergo surgery to repair a lateral meniscus tear in his right knee over the next few days, a story first reported by Yahoo Sports. There is currently no timetable for when Westbrook will be able to make a comeback, but when asked if it is possible for Westbrook to return from this surgery during the Playoffs, a source close to Westbrook simply said, "Maybe."

Whether or not you like his style of play, Westbrook has always been known simply as a workhorse, having never missed a single one of the Thunder's 439 games (including playoffs) since entering the NBA back in 2008. This is a tremendously huge blow for the Thunder's hopes to make a repeat appearance in the NBA Finals and gain some retribution against the Miami Heat, I guess we can now consider the San Antonio Spurs as the favorites to win the Western Conference.

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