Tonight’s game is the culmination of the most entertaining series I’ve seen in years, let alone these playoffs.  5’4”  guys scoring game tying goals, Philly and their rotating door  in between the pipes, and the best goal tender in the world tossing up 2 shutouts and  3 4+ goal games.  I’m a little burnt out from all the action, but as a hockey fan I have to give you my opinions.

So far this Series has been more entertaining then Charlie Sheen reading the Gettysburg Address. Ryan Miller is the key for buffalo tonight ( I know I’m jumping right the hell into it)  His 2 shut outs are key wins in the is series, but his three melt downs are why we are here at game 7 in the first place.  I have no idea who is in net tonight for the Flyers, probably Brian Boucher but for what I know it could be Bobrovsky, or Leighton too. That whole goaltender by committee is dumbest thing I’ve ever seen a team do in all my 27 years of watching hockey and watching people do stupid things (and yes I’m including the guy who thought the Nintendo Virtual Boy was a good idea).


Injuries are huge in this game Buffalo has lost Connolly, Pominville, Hetch, and Lalime all day to day. All those guys are big parts of this team and are needed on the ice to keep the game trending towards Buffalo.  Connolly is the only one who is out for game 7 definitely, the rest are day to day.

Not having Connolly is big deal, but not having Connolly and Pominville is gigantic Godzilla king kong titanic Big deal. Hopefully Pominville will make his return tonight, especially with Chris Pronger back in the fold for the Flyers. Pronger only played 4 minutes in game 6, but it is suspected that he will have a larger role in game 7.


Another key is its freaking game 7! Which team wants it more? Who is willing to leave it all on the ice? These are 2 of the most physical teams in hockey, they are rivals, and they just plane don’t like each other. 6 games of cheap shots, Face washes, cheap shots, high sticks, and cheap shots are set to boil over in tonight’s game.

So pull up your chair, turn on some Vs, Grab a Molson, and watch the Sabers win 3-2 and take the series.

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