Remember that dream you had where the world was nothing but beer, for an entire week? It wasn't a dream -- it's real. And it's happening all next week in Saratoga. Dreams do come true.

The Saratoga beer festival -- 30 miles from Albany, in beautiful, idyllic Saratoga Springs -- features beer from all over New York State, rare beers, and the best microbrew beers from all of the world. Not to mention unlimited samples of beer.

Our biggest recommendation? Check out the Beer Summit at the Saratoga City Center on Saturday February 23. We don't know of another event in New York where you can sample a wide array of rare beers from around the world. But seriously, the whole weekend looks to be great, beery fun.

You can visit the Saratoga Beer Week site for the full schedule of events at Saratoga.

Tickets: Tickets can be purchased online to one, multiple, or all of the events

Date: February 19th - 23rd

Venue: Saratoga City Center. Click here for directions.


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