If you're lucky enough to have a job in which you are awarded bonuses for stellar work and overachieving this story may bother you. Matt Cassel received a Bonus of $58.73 for his play with the Buffalo Bills. If you're like me you're thinking "did Cassel even see the field for the Bills?" The answer is yes and get this the bonus though only a laughable $58.73 which happens to be the lowest bonus awarded by the NFL this season is for taking the first snap of the regular season for the Buffalo Bills.

You guessed it, a play that resulted in a SIX yard loss by Lesean McCoy got Cassel a bonus. Look I can hand off the ball on busted plays all year long...PAY ME!!! Enjoy your unearned gains bro! He got almost $10 for every yard the lost!!! Good thing it wasn't a pick six!

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