Sean Avery extends his eventful offseason with yet anther attention grabbing headline. From gay marriage to his move into trendy New York City restaurants can we just get the NHL bad boy to lay low just for a little while.

 Early Friday morning Sean Avery was arrested for battery on a police officer. According to “a neighbor called police to complain about noise from a party at Avery’s home in the Hollywood Hills. The report said that Avery’s response when police arrived was to shove the officer at his door, then slam it behind him”  Which is yet another mistake in a career of mistakes for Avery.

The Ranger defenseman needs to calm the hell down. This guy is crazier then the Giants Brian Wilson. He has done everything form Sloppy seconds to jumping into the world of fashion. This guy needs to sit back and spend his money and stay out of the headlines for a change.

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