It has been a weak season as far as snowfall. But could this winter end up among the least snowy in Albany history?

With 2 weeks of the season left to go, a lot could still change as far as the total amount of snow we end up getting here in Albany for Winter 2021-22. But if we stay on our current track, could this end up being one of our least snowy winters on record here in the Capital Region?

So far this winter the National Weather Service of Albany says we have accumulated 24.5 Inches of snow. The chances are slim we will not get any more snow this year, but if we are done with snowfall this winter would land at number 5 on the list of the least snowy winters on record for Albany.

At this point, the chances are good that we will at least land in the top ten. Even if we get another 4 inches of snow in the weeks ahead, that will still place Winter 2021-22 in the top 10 all-time for the least amount of snow. We definitely have more precipitation on the way - only time will tell if it ends up being more snow.

Check out Albany's 10 least snow winters as they stand right now below!

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