Everybody knows about Buffalo, New York. Everyone knows about Syracuse, and because of the race track, most people know about Saratoga Springs. These are a few of the most popular places to visit in Upstate New York, with thousands of tourists traveling there every year.

What about the other spots, though? Which of the more underrated, lesser-known spots around Upstate New York is considered best?

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WorldAtlas Names Best "Underrated" Spots in Upstate New York

The experts at WorldAtlas are helping all of us plan our itineraries for the summer. To do this, they've identified seven of the best towns to visit in Upstate New York, a list which we've included below.

These aren't your traditional Upstate tourist spots, though. These are the most underrated towns in all of Upstate New York.

What makes a town or city underrated? It's a somewhat subjective term, but here's how some might interpret it. When you're planning a vacation, or even a day-trip, to a certain region of the country, which destinations come to mind first?

For New York, it's New York City. For Massachusetts, it would be Boston, and for Florida, it's probably Disney World.

Now, change how you're looking at the question. Instead of trying to find the most popular location on the map, try searching for the most charming and quaint location, one that has history and beauty as far as the eye can see.

Upstate New York is littered with towns that fit that description, and it's those small towns that were considered to be part of WorldAtlas' list.

With that definition in-mind, here are the seven small towns that were deemed most "underrated" in all of Upstate New York. Which town will be added to your summer itinerary in 2023?

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