To begin the second half, Seattle's Percy Harvin took the kickoff return 87 yards to put the Seahawks up 36-0.

While the game was getting stale on the field, in the stands, it was just getting good.

Incident #1: With roughly 10 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, two Broncos fans sitting two rows directly in front of me were upset that a group of Seahawks fans would not sit down.

Armen Williams

One thing led to another and several observers said that the Broncos fan in the bottom right of this photo threw a punch at one of the Seahawks fans (did not see it myself).

Security comes over, after a few minutes of discussion, they take away the two Broncos fans.

Incident #2: Literally two minutes later, I looked two rows down and two seats over - I don't know all the details except that a Broncos fan threw his beer at a fellow Broncos fan two rows directly in front of him.

Armen Williams

I'm pretty sure the guy in the white jersey and hoodie was the instigator but he was also the victim, now soaked in beer. Therefore the individual who originally owned the alcohol was escorted out with his wife.

Back to incident #1: It's at this time that those two guys that had been taken away just 10 minutes before were back in their seats! (Way to stand strong, security) And we're not done here either, stay tuned ...

Incident #3: With two minutes left in the 3rd (Yes, still all in the same stretch of time), we now have two individuals going nose to nose, fighting over the complimentary Super Bowl cushion that's in everyone's chair when they get to their seat.

Both of them shared some expletives and then eventually got over it without security intervening this time. But check out the photo of the poor individual that paid $2,500 for his seat and now doesn't even get to keep his seat cushion!

Armen Williams

And incident #1, again: Those same two dufuses in the original story are back at it, still running their mouths at the guys standing. Four security guards come back (this time for the third overall time) and again, do nothing.The dynamic duo eventually left midway through the 4th.


So, while the Super Bowl was getting lame and boring atyourparty - I wasn't even watching the field!

And oh, if you're going to fight at the Super Bowl, it's probably not best to do it directly in front of the media section where 200 (sober) media members have cameras and recorders, ready to go at a moment's notice.