One of the coolest things for a sports talk host from the Capital Region is seeing homegrown talent make it to the big leagues. That is unless that homegrown talent OWNS your favorite team in their debut. That's exactly what happened when Shen graduate Ian Anderson made his MLB debut for the Atlanta Braves against MY New York Yankees on my birthday no less.

There I am sitting at the bar at JJ Rafferty's (socially distant and respecting all CDC guidelines of course) and to the mound comes Anderson for game one of a Double Header between the Braves and the Yankees. I was really hoping he'd pitch well in his debut but let's be honest...I wanted the Yankees to win. It's 2020 so it's only a seven-inning game and Anderson was dealing! New York's own Ian Anderson gives up one run and strikes out six on his way to a six-inning win over the so-called Bronx Bombers. I swore that the next time I spoke to Anderson I'd let him know he ruined my birthday! That happened today when I was filling in on Big Board Sports with Rodger Wyland. I was kinda hoping for an apology or an offer to take it easy on the Yankees in the future but no, he laughed! Then went on to tell Rodger and me about the time he beat his family's favorite team the Boston Red Sox!

The truth is it seems like the 22-year-old Anderson is exactly who you'd hope he'd be. A super talented and really good person. If the Yankees have to lose a game on my birthday I'm glad it's to such a great up and coming talent from right here in the 518.

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