On Thursday morning Alex Feuz spoke with Tony Rossi, Head Coach of Siena College's Baseball team. Coach Rossi spent his 50th season dealing with a pandemic, but he said in the interview his first thought was about how this directly impacts the seniors. The players on his team that has spent hours of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice to not be able to finish the season.

Later today he will be taking part in a zoom call with the parents of the upperclassmen on the team. He said in the interview that he wants to make sure he is there even though he can't be there in person, but still be present in any way possible.

Coach Rossi told Feuz in the interview that recruitment for the incoming class of 2020-2021 is pretty much complete, aside from a few upperclassmen and through the transfer portal. It's been a lot of zoom calls with players and watching highlights and videos.

"It's been challenging, but it's not just us going through this, it's every college for the most part."

The team's strength and conditioning coaches have been in contact with the team to provide at-home workouts and provide drills to help stay in shape.

"It's tough because everyone is home, and not able to get to a field right now. We will have a lot of work to do in the fall, but we will take it slow to take precautions as best as possible."

When it comes to baseball, Coach Rossi has spent his entire life around the game. Almost 70 years either playing or coaching. At the end of the interview, he drops some knowledge of why he truly loves the sport many have chosen to play.

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