I know this will come as a shock to many but yes I am prone for a dumb statement or 3 during a show-Ok maybe during a week-alright a month (LOL) no but seriously we all say some dumb things but good grief Skip Bayless you took dumb statement to a new level Friday. Filling in for Mike and Mike Friday morning with Stephan A Smith,Bayless part of ESPN's 1st take program uttered perhaps the dumbest thing I have heard since some goofball said the Jets would shut out the Patriots 2 weeks ago(still feeling my lumps over that). Bayless "BOLD" claim is that we all share responsibility for Ndamukongs Suh's stomp on Evan Dietrich-Smith's arm. What???? yes his "bold claim" is that we share responsibility..Um No Skip just as I share no responsibility in your ridiculous comment because I am a fellow sports talk host. A famous politician once said "it takes a village to raise a child" and Bayless's comment reaks of that...NO.NO.NO. It takes one person losing their mind  to step on a defenseless opponent. It takes 1 set of parents or in some homes 1 good parent to raise a child. Society doesn't share in the responsibility of every dumb action or comment. Bayless seems to think since most of us like our Football aggressive that losing your mind is part of being aggressive. Incorrect. It's the action of 1 not many. Suh lost his mind and the Lions will be losing their great Defensive lineman for his inexcusable action. Suh now claims he was trying to get up and even invoked God.

I love my sports aggressive. I have talked about the sissification of sports and society a number of times. But over the line stupidity doesn't equal softness. Like most I like my aggressive within the confines of the rules. Suh's actions were the antics of  a gang member stepping on their enemies. Sure their are some ,mostly Lion fans I am guessing who will excuse Suh's mind freeze as football and that sort of thing or claim he was baited somehow. ABSURD. You can be aggressive which you have to be to survive on the football field or in life without acting like a punk as Suh did. Their is a clear difference between aggressive and moronic as Suh acted. Last thing I laugh when people say stupid things but don't speak for themselves. Bayless blamed many as in "we share some of the blame" for Suh's stomp. No Skippy you couldn't be more wrong. We don't. Suh does. At least I didn't say many believe the Jets would shut out the Pats. I left that dumb thought to myself.

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