First: I hate Skip Bayless. He's been a LeBron hater from way back and even with the NBA title in his pocket and the MVP trophy in his hands, Skip will not give LeBron the credit he's due. Check this out:

Stephen goes nuts on Bayless, and rightfully so. What does Skip bring up to counter LeBron's MVP selection? Turnovers. When you win the game anyway, that stat is MEANINGLESS! Smith's facial expressions when Bayless was talking were priceless.

Skip just comes off as stupid. You can't just go by the numbers - LeBron's mental attitude and leadership on the court really was the game changer. Skip just hates the guy and is never going to give him credit. He nitpicks every scab and just won't acknowledge the LeBron effect- a key factor in the Cavs' win.

When Smith goes ballistic on Bayless, he destroys him. Goodbye and good riddance to Skip.

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