Over the last 5 years, the UFC has led the fight for Mixed Martial Arts to be legalized in New York State. Well today, arguably the most popular sports venue in New York State will step up to the plate and give its official support for the legalization of MMA.

According to several news sources, including the Sports Business Journal and USA Today's MMA website 5thround.com, UFC President Dana White will hold a press conference inside Madison Square Garden this afternoon, to reiterate the company's commitment to getting MMA legalized in New York State.

Aside from the fact this press conference will be inside "The Garden" itself, the President of MSG Sports Scott O'Neil will be standing side-by-side with Dana White throughout the press conference. This sign of solidarity and support from "The World's Most Famous Arena," combined with the new economic impact study White plans to unveil during today's press conference, could prove to be the final necessary step that convinces lawmakers to finally legalize MMA in New York State.