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Could A Battle Of Egos Bring Conor McGregor Back To The UFC?
Recently Conor McGregor joined Jon "Bones" Jones and Jorge Masvidal by "retiring" from the UFC. No one I know believes that any of the three superstar fighters have any intention of actually retiring but McGregor is known for retiring and then returning. This would be his third t…
Mayweather Offers Rousey A Helping Hand
The Floyd Mayweather, Ronda Rousey saga has taken a strange turn. If you don't know the history of the two it starts like this ; Floyd Mayweather claimed to not know who
Rousey is, Rousey made a comment about Floyd at the ESPYs alluding to his domestic violence past, Floyd would then go on to stick w…
Champion Jon Jones Welcomed In The UFC
Arguably the greatest mix martial artist to ever fight in the UFC Jon Jones, has been reinstated effective immediately. Jones, was suspended indefinitely for his involvement in an April hit-and-run accident that left one pregnant victim with a broken arm...
Jon Jones Escapes Jail Time
The former No.1 pound for pound fighter in the UFC Jon Jones pleaded guilty Tuesday in New Mexico District Court to one count of leaving the scene of an accident, and has avoided jail time in the process.
The former UFC light heavyweight champion was handed down a conditional discharge and …
Andrei “The Pit Bull” Arlovski Joins Goz & A-Dubbs
Andrei "The Pit Bull" Arlovski (24-10) was supposed to fight Frank Mir (18-9) a decade ago. Even with all that time in between these two legends of the octagon are as strong as ever, and ready to fight at UFC 191 on Saturday.
After falling off the fighting world,the former heavyweig…
Can MMA Be Saved By The Bell?
Last week, the Speaker of the Assembly made remarks to the media that supposedly killed the proposal to legalize MMA in the state of New York. But earlier today, a small group of politicians told Sheldon Silver "not so fast."

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