The NCAAF National Championship game is tonight and The Sporting News' Bill Bender is here to help us make sense of it all. The Alabama Crimson Tide and The Clemson Tigers will meet for a fourth consecutive time to decide the Championship.

The four times we've decided the Champion via the current system it's come down the Clemson and Alabama. So many are concerned it's a broken system. We ask Bender if it's time to expand to an Eight team playoff? Would including teams like Michigan, Ohio State, UCF and Georgia enough to increase the real chances of seeing new teams in the Championship Game? Is Santa Clara a good place to play a College Championship game? Many people are complaining about the weather and the overall vibe Santa Clara site provides. Where does Bender fall on this issue? He also picked the game and has Bama winning it by a tight margin. Hear the entire interview below.

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