With the NFL Draft about a month away we are in the heat of what Trey Wingo calls "Lying Season". Every NFL team from the owner to the GM to digital interns will say whatever they have to in an attempt to gain leverage or sew the seeds of doubt in other teams. Meanwhile, every reporter and insider is reading into every single morsel of information trying to predict what will happen from Thursday, April 29th to Saturday, May 1st in Cleveland, Ohio. I say all of that to say this, just because Jets GM Joe Douglas went to BYU QB Zach Wilson's pro-day doesn't mean they're 100% drafting him with the second overall pick of the draft.

The Jets still have a lot of decisions to make before the draft. First off is will they give Sam Darnold another year to see if he can step up his play with some stability around him. If the answer to that is no then Douglas has to decide which quarterback he wants in the draft. There are plenty of people out there that haven't fully bought in that Wilson is the second best QB in the draft. The SportingNews' Bill Bender is still leaning towards Ohio States Justin Fields being a better pick than Wilson and that's if the Jets even go QB with the 2nd pick. Listen to the Jets' options according to Bill Bender by pressing play below.

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I have to admit that I waffle between taking Wilson at 2 for the Jets and building around Darnold but I truly believe the Jets have plenty of options. The number two pick or Darnold will be traded in my opinion so whichever returns the most in a trade would be my lean. One things for sure with a month left of "Lying Season" business is about to pick up. Buckle in because I think this is going to be the wildest NFL Draft we've seen!

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