With Spring Training now in full swing around the Major Leagues and the NFL Draft around the corner, it brings up a great question.

Which would you rather watch - the NFL Draft or your MLB team playing in a Spring Training game?

Personally, I would rather watch any Spring Training game than the NFL Draft.


I know the teams are all wearing alternate jerseys, alternate hats and there are even guys with the number 88 out there but at least it’s baseball.  Spring Training gets me in the mood for nicer weather and I know that the start of the season is right around the corner. 

The NFL Draft is a combination of an ebay auction, the Academy Awards for sports and a high school 50/50 raffle that lasts for 4 days. You wait around all day until they call a name - and then you watch the winner parade up on stage and get a cool jersey.

By the 3rd day of the draft, you’ve checked out.   The closest thing you get to action in the NFL Draft is when the players give a "rapper hug" to Roger Goodell.



In Spring Training, you get to know your team and see the future players. If your baseball team makes an off-season trade or acquisition, spring training is the first time you can either praise him or rip him apart. It’s also a great time to check out the younger prospects that have been in the organization for awhile and are now getting a chance

With the NFL Draft, I have no freakin’ idea who most of these players are and let’s be honest, I don’t care who they are until they actually make the team.  Guess how I learn about the players my team drafts?  It's called the internets - I’ll go online and look at an NFL Draft recap and grade scale.  Quite frankly, I’ll have ESPN.com do my work for me!!

There’s no such thing as a bad Major League Baseball game!  But there’s no such thing as a good NFL Draft – it’s just not entertaining.  The NFL Draft is about as boring as watching grass grow - and that's an insult to grass.