The San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich, has never been a huge advocate for the media, and press conference. After a win pops doesn't enjoy talking with the press, so how did you think he was going to act following the Spurs' 107-92 Game 1 loss on the road to the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday night.

Afterward at the podium, Pop brought his championship game with the media, which was asking questions that he believe insulted his IQ. When the Spurs coach was asked what the have to do better, the 5-time champion looked dumbfounded that someone would ask the question, and responded by saying " Are you serious? We have to do a lot of things better it's basketball." Pop would go on to give a more elaborate answer, but couldn't leave without making the comment " I hope that makes you look good".

The Spurs looked completely outplayed against the Clippers, this is by far the most competitive of the first round series, with one of two contenders going home after just a few weeks.



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