Almost one month to the day that a car unbelievably smashed through the window of Dolce and Biscotti Italian Bakery in Clifton Park, another car slammed into a support structure in front of their building.

The incident happened yesterday afternoon and has the owners and staff of the pastry shop wondering why these things keep happening.  Is it merely a coincidence or is there something going on in the parking lot that makes their location unsafe?

In a Facebook Post by the Dolce and Biscotti Italian Bakery, the owner said that staff "cowered for cover" as they heard the crash shortly after 1:30 PM.

 "Witnesses saw the driver hit the support pillar, causing extensive damage to the drivers car and to the support pillar. The driving was attempting to park. We assisted the elderly driver in our store as we awaited assistance from the State Police." -Mari-Baldi Fron Owner and Executive Chef

Just one month ago, the bakery suffered extensive damage when a vehicle smashed through its front window. It was believed to have been the result of an errant driver in the parking lot accidentally hitting the gas instead of the brake.  Miraculously, no one was hurt.  The photos were eye-popping as the vehicle literally came to a stop inside the store, destroying a pastry counter in the process.

In regards to Thursday's incident, the staff feels very fortunate that the same thing didn't happen again. On their Facebook page, they wrote: "We are extremely lucky the driver hit the pillar instead of the temporary plywood walls that are the only protection we have at this time. Please, please, please slow down when entering our plaza."

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