If you were watching Monday Night Football last night you saw the lights at Candlestick Park In San Francisco go out not once, but twice. Pittsburgh Steelers Safety Ryan Clark doesn't think it was a freak power outage, he thinks it was staged!

Steelers Safety Ryan Clark

Clark told the San Francisco newspaper The Gate:

“I just feel like San Francisco took a big stage to show the NFL and to show the state of California that they needed a new stadium. I think it was a very strategic move and Candlestick may be no more very soon,”

As crazy as it may sound, Clark very well could have a point! Candlestick park is one of the oldest stadiums being used in the NFL that opened in 1960, The 49ers have been using it since 1971. Since 2006, the Niners have been trying to get a new stadium but financial woes and politics have made things difficult.