Things have gone from bad to worse in Philadelphia for former No. 1 overall pick, Ben Simmons, and Stephen A. Smith may have delivered the death blow.

This morning on First Take, Stephen A. revealed a cryptic text messaged, received from someone "close to the situation" in Philadelphia with Simmons. The text referenced Simmons work ethic, coachability and general presence with the 76ers, and did not shed much positivity about him as a whole. Simmons was the target of much of the ire of Philly fans after the 76ers were ousted from the playoffs in seven games by Kevin Huerter and the Atlanta Hawks.

And, if this text is accurate, it would seem that the criticism of fans and media members is warranted.

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Here's the clip from this morning:

Well, when I think of a strong athlete and team player, working hard, listening and *not* being a baby are pretty high up on my list of criteria.

Look, it's hard to throw accusations at a guy from an unknown source, and it's even more difficult to kick a player when he's down on his luck, and possibly being shipped out of town. Simmons had a great deal of hype as a college player, and being drafted first overall only added to that pressure. He's a *good* basketball player, but not what many fans would expect from a top pick.

That all being said, this story is now out there, and nobody has been quick to come to Simmons' defense so far today. So, whether it's for Philly, or another team in the NBA, Simmons now has even more pressure to perform, both on and off the court, when next season begins.

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