March and April are probably the two most fun months of the year for NFL news -- even more than the regular season.

That's because free agency and the NFL Draft are full of signings, trades and surprising roster moves that shake up the NFL landscape. Many fans have gotten used to the chaos but it's made more entertaining by the advent of social media platforms, such as Twitter.

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If you have been paying attention to Twitter over the past few days, then you know that Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is on the trade market. By all accounts, the Cardinals will end up trading the all-pro wide receiver, it's just a question of who and when.

Hopkins is 30 years old and has missed some games due to injury lately, so that, along with the contract are factors in who trades for him and what the compensation is.

Hopkins' Instagram story had "Buffalo Solider" by Bob Marley, while there's growing speculation that the Bills are the frontrunner; which is what NFL reporter Aaron Wilson (Houston) has reported.

Now, a former Bills wide receiver is tweeting Hopkins is coming to Buffalo.

Stevie Johnson played for the Bills from 2008-2013 and was one of the best route-runners in the NFL. Johnson tweeted on Thursday that Hopkins says he's "on the way."

Stevie then replied he hit him with a 716 area code, while also saying it was to a pager.

We don't know whether or not Johnson knows what's going on with Hopkins, but it looks like he will be traded. The Bills have to trade for him, because the Kansas City Chiefs, their AFC nemesis, is also in the market for wide receiver help.

Keeping Hopkins away from a rival contender is just as important as acquiring him to help your team directly.

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