We're going to be talking about Reggie Jackson's interview on The Howard Stern Show for a very, very long time.

The Hall of Fame outfielder, who played five seasons with the New York Yankees, made an appearance on Stern's SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday to discuss a number of topics. The pair talked about his playing days and his bid to buy the Oakland Athletics, as well as his highly-publicized issues with infidelity in his marriage.

Jackson even referred to himself as a "serial cheater" during this radio conversation, and these were some of the things we learned about Mr. October on Wednesday.

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Former Yankee Reggie Jackson Shares Stories of Infidelity with Howard Stern

A story from The New York Post shared details from a conversation between Reggie Jackson, MLB Hall of Fame outfielder and former New York Yankees' great, and radio icon Howard Stern. The duo's conversation came as a part of Jackson's promotion of an upcoming documentary about himself, which is set to drop on Amazon Prime Video on Friday.

As part of the conversation, Stern asked Jackson about his infidelity issues that he encountered while married. Check out his candid response in the video below:

Of course, what he did cannot be taken back, nor should it be ignored. He seems to understand that concept, and clearly, he's not hiding from it. As a matter of fact, Reggie Jackson deserves a lot of credit for the way that he approached this discussion with Howard Stern.

He used the platform of The Howard Stern Show to further express remorse for his actions, which shows that personal growth has clearly happened since everything transpired. He owns up for his actions, and deserves a lot of respect for the manner in which he did it, in my opinion.

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Jackson with Joe Girardi / Getty Images

The interview produced a number of other interesting nuggets for discussion about the life and times of Reggie Jackson.

Jackson revealed that he believes former MLB Commissioner Bud Selig deliberately blocked him from purchasing the Oakland Athletics' franchise. It's a real shame if that's true, as the Athletics would have definitely benefitted from a different leadership group over the last 30 years, or so.

He also stated that he felt like a "hood ornament" as a member of the Yankees' front office. He did not believe that his voice was truly being heard within the team's leadership group, which ultimately led to him leaving the team and joining the Houston Astros.

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Jackson with Robinson Cano / Getty Images

For that decision, he was awarded a World Series championship ring. Not bad, if you ask me.

Look, Reggie Jackson made mistakes in his life. Who among us are completely perfect? You're not, I'm not, and Reggie Jackson admitted that he wasn't, either.

That fact doesn't absolve him, but rather, it gives him the opportunity to continue to learn and grow from his mistakes. He appears to be doing that, and I will always have respect for someone who can learn from their missteps in this type of way.

Well said, Mr. October.

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