Pedestrians of New York, I have three words for you: look both ways.

Of course, looking both ways before crossing the street is the "golden rule" of walking in intersections, but based on a recent study published by a Florida-based law firm, New York pedestrians may want to be extra careful when crossing the street this year.

We have the data that proves it.

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Study: New York's Intersections are Among the Nation's Most Dangerous

A study done by Florida personal injury lawyers The Schiller Kessler Group shared concerning information about intersections in the Empire State. Their study claims that New York has the second-most dangerous intersections in the country.

The only state that has more dangerous intersections, on average, is Colorado, according to the study.

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Here is a note on how the study was executed:

"The research analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from 2017-2021 regarding fatal crashes involving pedestrians.

The study uncovered the states suffering the highest percentage of fatalities in such incidents which occurred at intersections, revealing the places where crossing the road is the most dangerous."

During that time period, there were 1,310 pedestrian fatalities in New York, 406 of which happened at intersections. That meant that 30.99 percent of pedestrian fatalities happened at intersections, a percentage which ranked second in the country, behind Colorado's 31.87%.

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Here is a chart of the states with the top-ten most dangerous intersections, based on the criteria described above:

State% of Fatalities at Intersections
New York30.99
New Jersey24.34

Be careful out there, New Yorkers!

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