Each week at 4pm we highlight the best of the best in Socially Awkward Media. The best, worst and most awkward social media messages of the week throughout all the 104.5 The Team social media platforms. This week's comments could in fact be the best of the summer. From inappropriate puns to motorcycles, to Goz getting criticized over fifteen month old articles, this is one of the best of 2020.

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Below is this week's best

Matt-So do that! call up RA Dickie and Wakefield

RadBrad23-Goz the answer is 1 there is one Baltimore Orioles fan in the capital region and its you lol

Palmer-And raise our championship banner while you are at it

Ike- Can someone tell me how it makes sense for blackouts to be something I deal with when the whole idea of blackouts are to draw fans to the ballpark? There are no fans... as much as I enjoy radio, being a Mets fan is bad enough... I hate you tv contract!. Thanks for never blacking me out 104.5. Ike

James-I hope it means the end of all sports go 2020

TR-ust Kneel some more.....that'll fix it.

Deck and Machede pics!

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