10 beautiful ladies promoted Sports Illustrated’s 2013 Swimsuit Issue on the “Late Show” with David Letterman.  Two girls have interesting ties to athletes.

10 of the sexiest women on the planet stopped by David Letterman to promote the 2013 SI Swimsuit Issue on Monday.  The ladies participated in the popular Top Ten List.  The theme was “Questions on the Application to be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model.”  There were a couple of funny lines throughout the presentation.  Sure, there were a few duds, but the ladies looked fantastic.  That makes up for any poor humor.

There are a handful of ladies with ties to athletes.  Of course, the stunning Kate Upton (#1) has been linked to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander.  The lovely Katherine Webb (#2) is the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron.  Webb’s popularity has soared ever since the BCS National Championship Game between Notre Dame and Alabama.  Brent Musburger gushed about Webb.  Now, the country is gushing.

Last but not least, the sassy Hannah Davis (#6) has been linked to New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.  Gotta love Jeter.  He’s reportedly dating the smokin hot DirecTV genie that is only 22 years old.  Good for Jeter.  You can hate the player, but don’t hate the game.  Jeter has legendary game on and off the field.

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