It unfortunately has happened again. Another individual in a college athletic program being investigated for Child Molestation. This time it involves Syracuse Assistant Coach Bernie Fine.

Fine is being investigated for an allegation of molesting a team ball boy for about a dozen years beginning in the 1980s. This investigation, according to ESPN's Outside The Lines, is in it's early stages according to police. The victim, Bobby Davis, now 39, says that the acts occurred at Fine's home, at the Syracuse team facilities, as well as during team road trips.

A second victim, the step-brother of Davis, also says he was abused during the same time range. Though the odd part of this story is that David reported the incident to Syracuse police in 2003. But the detective told him that the statute of limitations had ran out. According to the OTL report "Davis said he told the detective that he thought other boys were being molested but that he had only direct knowledge of Fine molesting him."

Fine is currently in his 35th season at Syracuse as an assistant to Jim Boeheim. Fine has been placed on leave as the investigation continues.