Goz and I had a great time today at Wolfs 111 today getting ready for the NCAA Tournament. Among the best parts of our day was the opportunity to talk to Syracuse graduate Craig Forth.

Forth is a Columbia High School graduate who was a starter on that 'Cuse national title team in 2003. We asked him several 'Cuse related questions about the title run, Hakim Warrick's block, Carmelo Anthony and his personality and we asked him about the next phase of his life as an administrator in the Mechanicville School District.

Furthermore, we asked Forth what it was like to play for Jim Boeheim and what brought him to Syracuse in the first place. (Talking with Forth also made Goz happy, since Goz is a diehard Orange fan).

I also asked Goz about the development of Section II talent since his time at Columbia.


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