A Rosey Report!
The Florida State Seminoles are a 7-point favorite in the BCS National Championship Game on Monday night. Local WNYT Meteorologist and Auburn alum Jason Gough called in to Armen Williams' show on Monday afternoon to give his prediction and analysis, LIVE from Pasadena, California...
Bama Again?
In the era of the Bow Championship Series and the increasing number of underclassmen leaving early for the riches of the National Football League, it was thought to be nearly impossible for any College Football program to create a "dynasty" of sorts. The closest thing we had seen in the BCS Era was the Miami Hurricances from 2000-2003, which should have won 2 championships if it weren't
High Tide
Maybe Notre Dame's schedule wasn't as challenging as Irish fans were willing to admit. Maybe not playing a conference championship game left them with too long of a layoff. Maybe a freshman quarterback just doesn't stand a chance against a Nick Saban coached team unless his last name is Manziel. Whatever the reason was, Notre Dame never stood a chance against the Alabama Crimson Tide, who repeated
Luck Of The Irish
Last month, it was a goal-line stand in overtime that propelled Notre Dame to a 20-13 home victory over the Stanford Cardinal. After five more victories, including close calls against BYU and Pittsburgh, the Fighting Irish found themselves in another situation where a goal-line stand would help secure a victory. Between some questionable play-calling from USC head coach Lane Kiffin and poor execut
The BCS Almost Gets It Perfect-Almost
Wow you don't hear as much crying about the BCS these days as we usually hear. Maybe it's because the BCS haters are starting to realize the system works and has worked for the most part. Or maybe they realize that the so called "playoff" they have been crying about for years is a bigger farce then the current BCS system...
BCS Or Playoff System?
Football coaches from the SEC were in unison Tuesday that they want a proposed four-team playoff to include the best teams in the country -- and not be tied to conference champions. Do you prefer the BCS championship game or a 4-team playoff format in college football...

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