The Kansas State Wildcats. Like who would have said Bill Synder's team would be nipping at the heels of a possible national title this late in the year-Not I that's for sure. But after week 2 of the only poll that matters, the BCS poll, that's where the Wildcats find themselves this week.

Kansas State went into West Virginia and used the Mounties, winning easily and thus are in a very strong position to make a bigger move,perhaps even this week.

Alabama remains number 1 and Florida beefs up their number 2 spot by clubbing South Carolina. All 3 of these schools, Bama-Florida-and K.State are over the .9000 mark.

The exciting part is that all 3 have still challenges this coming week. The defending champion Crimson Tide face off with Mississippi State who is number 11 in the BCS. Bama hosts the game. The Crimson Tide have 2 tough games left, at least on paper. This game vs Miss St and then next week a rematch of the title game against LSU. After that perhaps Texas A&M can give them a challenge but not likely.

Florida has 2 solid opponents left. They close the year with a now banged up Florida State team and a HUGE game against Georgia this week. The game is billed as the worlds largest outdoor cocktail party. Georgia still has hopes of getting to Miami and the title game themselves as they are ranked # 10 in the BCS.

Meantime rampaging Kansas State, with the toughest road ahead in my opinion left host a solid Texas Tech ball club. The Red Raiders crushed West Virginia 2 weeks ago then came back to beat stubborn TCU in Fort Worth last week. Texas Tech is #14 right now with tough games left even after Kansas State.

That brings us to #4 and the Ducks of Oregon. After putting up 43 points in the 1st half at Arizona State last Thursday, they fell asleep but held off ASU 43-21. Will the dormant 2nd half hurt the quacks? They have a layup this week against lousy Colorado.

Then there at #5 is the team getting beat up this week the most, as usual Notre Dame. The Irish held off BYU 17-14 in South Bend. However the critics can be either shut up or yap louder after what looks like a great matchup at Oklahoma this coming Saturday. The Sooners are on the move after an early loss against Kansas State, and are back up to #8 this week.

From my stand point, taking in not just this week but the rest of the season, considering schedule and opponents left there are still 12ish teams that have a shot at the big trophy and the title game.

The chase is great. the games more significant. The stakes higher. None of the top teams can afford a loss from here on out. I love the BCS and the last 5ish weeks show why. The chase is in full throttle and the excitement and anticipation are fantastic. Can't wait till Saturday!