Wow you don't hear as much crying about the BCS these days as we usually hear. Maybe it's because the BCS haters are starting to realize the system works and has worked for the most part. Or maybe they realize that the so called "playoff" they have been crying about for years is a bigger farce then the current BCS system?

The latest BCS got it almost perfect. Notre Dams has played a rugged schedule. Just look at the teams they beat WHEN they beat them. Michigan was highly ranked. Michigan State was ranked. Oklahoma on the road no less was top 10. Stanford has proven their wares. Notre Dame , undefeated, is rightfully on course to play for the national championship. Hey Rick Reilly  who is more relevant now you or ND? Funny we don't hear much from talking head RR these days.

The BCS is so nails on that even my co-hort and ND lover Brian Noe is quiet with his BCS hate. ( Noe hosts the Noe show 1-3pm on 1045 The Team, ESPN Radio. I follow with Game on from 3-7pm est)

Alabame at #2 is spot on. They are the best SO FAR of the 1 loss teams that includes Oregon, Georgia, Florida, Kansas State etc. Now the haters are all up in arms for how good or bad a Notre Dame-Bama tittle game would be. You have to laugh at these people. Anyhow Georgia is at #3 which sets up if Georgia beats Georgia Tech ( no given) and Bama takes down Auburn ( a given) a South East conference title game with the winner playing for a national title.

However as with anything else nothing is perfect. How is Florida ranked at #4? Their 7 point win over LA-Lafayette and a 23 point win over Jacksonville State couldn't have impressed anyone. Florida being number 4 is a joke! I hope Florida State drills them.

Couple of random thoughts: Hey Chip Kelly how does that feel? I love when people fawn over kelly like he is some genius. Yeah beating up on lame teams like Cal and Washington State is real impressive..NOT! Go up against a team that punches back like Stanford and watch Kelly's boys not look so impressive. Go Oregon State!

USC's Matt Barclay looks like virtually every other USC QB- OVER RATED!. I am sorry Barclay won't play this Saturday against ND. I want the Irish to win  but the haters will whine about Barclay not playing.

Bama-Notre Dame would be a great championship game but Notre Dame-Georgia would be fine as well. The Bulldogs are a fine team with a great coach and talent all over the field.

Personally I wanted to see the Irish punch Oregon in the face. Oh well I will get over it :)


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