There are many current and former athletes who have had their bouts with addiction, with names including current Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton and manager Ron Washington. But in New York sports, possibly the most notable athlete affiliated with being an addict is former MLB pitcher Dwight "Doc" Gooden.

In the latest episode of E:60 that will premiere tonight at 8:00 p.m. on ESPN, Gooden revealed the truth behind a lie that people believed for many years. It turns out that, while his 1986 New York Mets teammates celebrated their World Series title during a ticker-tape parade, Gooden sat in a drug dealer's apartment, too high and paranoid to join them.

During this exclusive tell-all interview, Gooden reflected on the events that took place from the moment he left Shea Stadium after Game 7 until he woke up and watched the Championship Parade on TV. When asked about his absence from the parade, Gooden made up an excuse and told everyone that he accidentally overslept.

For more on this revelation and other details about this interview for E:60, visit and check out their article regarding the story.

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