The Knicks Are Better Off Than You Think
I've heard all of the over reactions to the New York Knicks not signing Kevin Durant or any max contract guy for that matter and I have to say I think they did really well. IF Durant never ruptured his Achilles I would feel very different but he did and when his Achilles popped so did the dreams of a quick rebuild for the Knicks. In the past this team would over react and sign the biggest name available and mortgage the future to appease the fans. These moves were measured, smart and made the team better.
Jets’ Backfield Could Be Most Versatile In NFL
The first year of the New York Jets under Head Coach Adam Gase will have way more talent and options on offense then Gang Green has had in some time. QB Sam Darnold is entering his second season and the Jets added both Le'Veon Bell and Ty Montgomery to their backfield.

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