Ubaldo Jimenez's frustration with his former team, the Colorado Rockies, boiled over into a bench-clearing incident on Sunday after he hit Rockies short stop Troy Tulowitzki on the first pitch.


A 'gutless' move is what Rockies manager Jim Tracey called the pitch by Cleveland's Ubaldo Jimenez on Sunday.  A Spring training game between the Indians and Rockies turned ugly when Jimenez hit Colorado's Troy Tulowitzki in the elbow on the first pitch of the game.

Many suspect it was done by Jimenez to vent his frustration with the Rockies as a team for trading him, and not granting him a contract extension, something they gave to Tulowitzki.  Jimenez is denying all of that, but the Rockies are certain it was done on purpose.  Thankfully the x-rays on Tulowitzki's elbow came back negative.

Some fan shot footage of the incident can be seen below.

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